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OKR in 5 days

OKR in 5 days: change your organization immediately


The OKR revolution has arrived in Italy.


After taking Google from the startup level with 40 employees to a global giant, the Objectives and Key Results methodology is mature and ready to change the management scenario known until now. Even outside the USA, where she was born.

Simplicity and effectiveness are the characteristics that allow OKRs to be a management method for both startups and structured companies, through the implementation of objectives and key results in the organization.

The OKR philosophy is introduced by the words of John Doerr, the visionary investor behind Google: “With OKRs you can write any goal you have in mind and any key result. If the goal is truly unattainable, you will certainly set yourself up for failure. In any case, you have come a long way ”. This concept is then developed through the case studies presented in the text.

In this way, the book can be read both as an inspirational story – drawing inspiration from the compelling stories of the synergistic relationship between OKRs and the success of big companies such as Microsoft and LinkedIn – and as a practical manual to learn how to decline in your own business the method of objectives and key results, thanks to the many examples of corporate and team OKRs.

The reader will find stories supported by numbers and case analyzes (sensational!) not only of the great technological giants but also of startups that have had to deal with the difficulties associated with development processes. In particular, Luciano Castro, and Business Angel, focuses on the strategic moments in which OKRs are implemented to solve problems related to growth and change (for example in the context of Remote Working).


OKR in 5 days

Learn to use key goals and outcomes. Grow your idea, your project, your company.


Luciano Noel Castro is an author, entrepreneur, consultant, and business angel specializing in the digital world. He has held the role of CTO and CEO for market-leading multinational companies, leading the creation of some of the best-known and most widely used online products. It actively collaborates with Fortune500 companies and StartUps around the world to create innovative and disruptive products. He has been working remotely for over nine years and has founded an industry leader,, which helps businesses find the best talent around the world. Founder of the Italian Product Management Association, he was selected by the Minister of Digital Transformation to guide the migration to the cloud of all Italian local public administration within the PNRR.


OKR in 5 days: change your organization immediately


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