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I create products

that people will love.

From strategy to execution: a continuous lean transformation.

Hi, I’m a Senior Manager with over 15 years of executive leadership experience within startups and global technology companies.

Let’s create a product your clients will love!


About Me

Entrepreneur, Business Angel, Author, and Speaker with over 15 years of experience in the field.

CTO and CEO of multinational companies and startups, Expert in charge of Recovery Fund for the Ministry of Digital Transformation in Italy.

I love to create, deliver and grow products that will impact people’s lives. And I’ve done it more than 2.000 times, with small and big teams (+700), locally and remotely.

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My Clients

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My Companies

I’m the founder and CEO of Anomadic, Anomadic B2B, and Castro & Partners.

Together we build products by leveraging the remote talent world.

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“Luciano does an amazing job engaging with the audience while talking about Digital Business in a way that is relatable and not academic. Every single person from our audience of 150 people took something away with them.


Real experience running a business, growing startups, and creating digital products.

I’ve been speaking at conferences, universities, corporate events, and masterclasses.

I’m straightforward, practical and I bring a unique point of view.

Oh, yeah, I’m funny as well.

Drop me a line.

Business Studies


  • Swarovski wanted to create an engaging AR/VR solution to allow their clients to try their jewelry before buying it.
  • The AR/VR represented physical workstations that were set up simultaneously in 14 cities worldwide during Christmas time.
  • 150.000 users tried the application in the first 2 weeks, with a conversion rate of 35%.

We managed:

  • Discovery process (From Ideation to Development)
  • User Research & User Testing
  • Roadmap and planning



Network for Good

  • Successfully rolled out a new solution that helped donors to pay paperless with credit verification.
  • With the new solution they were able to process payments 7 times faster and improve the overall donation of 60% during the first 7 months. NPS: 89%

We managed:

  • Product Discovery and Test
  • Product Roadmap
  • Led Development Team
  • User Definition & User Testing
  • User Engagement
  • Customer Satisfaction Program

network for good


  • Gensler is a global design and architecture firm, with 50 offices, more than 6000 employees and 1.2B in revenue.
  • They needed to create an internal Project Management Tool to track & share all activities of their employees and allow them to collaborate seamlessly.
  • The product was rolled out successfully in 6 months with the highest User Engagement in their history.

We managed:

  • Market Analysis
  • Led User Engagement
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Make or Buy Definition
  • Product Roadmap
  • Feature Prioritisation
  • User ResearchLed


Rais International

  • RAIS International is a Marketing Agency specialised in Dropshipping products. With 5M in revenue and over 75.000 customers served per year, their innovative solution helps brands to reach their clients successfully.
  • They contacted us to manage a remote workforce that was struggling with productivity. We managed to increase the revenue by 35% and cut costs of 24% in an year.

We managed:

  • Implemented the Remote Effective Framework
  • Team Working process and structured communications
  • Implemented a Remote Management Process and KPIS
  • Team & Management Coaching

What people are saying

“He was the reason why we were able to deliver a product in six months and hit out targets. Outstanding.”

Jeffrey Foley

CEO, ApolloOfficeSystems

“A serious professional with deep knowledge in Product Management and Project Management.“

Jonathan DelFino

Head of Innovation, Swarovski

“Unconventional, pragmatic, efficient. With him, our firm stepped up. Highly recommended.”

Sarah Giannikouris

CEO, TCA Darwin