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Ukraine, war does not stop companies: at work with PCs in underground shelters

adn kronos war

Improvised offices in underground shelters to continue working despite the war


In Ukraine, tormented by a conflict that has lasted for over 40 days, there are also those who try to maintain an impossible everyday life by continuing to work on the PC in underground hiding places, interrupted by the noise of bombs or alarm sirens.

“My company has been managing a project for an American company and we have been collaborating with a Ukrainian company – QATestLab – for several years”, Luciano Noel Castro, CEO, and founder of ‘Castro & Partners‘ tells to AdnKronos and adds: “They continued undeterred to perform their work. They have always worked remotely and, thanks to this and to the fact that they collaborate with companies outside Ukraine, they have continued to do so even now, in extreme situations, maintaining the execution of this project”.

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