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Innovation, the first European association of product managers is born in Tuscany

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‘Product manager alliance’, which already has 7,000 professionals, aims to reach 50,000 members in the first year. The president is Luciano Castro, head of mission 1.2 of the NRP


Product Manager Alliance is the name of the first Italian and European association of product managers, born in Tuscany, which has a community of 7,000 professionals and aims to reach 50,000 members in the first year. The product manager is the figure who guides the entire life cycle of a digital product (such as an app, or an entire platform), from birth to market release, up to maintenance work: technical and management skills are required, and management, marketing. “It is the spearhead of innovation and the digital market for both companies and the public administration”, says the president of Product Manager Alliance, Luciano CASTRO.


The association’s objective is “to define a standard – adds CASTRO – Italian first and then European, to create digital products. Training and dissemination will be at the center of our activity, aimed at both companies and individual professionals, with a careful look at young people who look to the digital world, also through the provision of scholarships in partnership with universities “. CASTRO, former technical director of Aruba and still active as a business angel, was chosen as head of mission 1.2 of the NRP, which provides for the allocation of one billion euros to finance the migration to the cloud of all local public administrations.


European Association of Product Managers


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