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Cyber ​​Attacks: What Will Happen in the Near Future?


What emerges from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is that the war is no longer being fought only in the real world (on the land, air, sea) but also in cyberspace: there are over 50 hacker groups active in the field at the moment. . This inevitably redraws the action plans because borders, lines, and perimeters are not seen in the ether. And so the rules of the game change. The hybrid and unconventional characters of this war have defined new risks and as many consequences for what will be the near-global future.

The domain we are dealing with, the fifth, the cyber one, is based on two essential characteristics, the speed of propagation and the breaking down of borders, raising the level of globalization, “connecting” or “threatening” where diplomacy and international markets do not arrive on four lines of attack: social, economic, communicative and military.

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