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remote effective

Remote Effective – The methodology for a winning smart working


Among the many effects caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, one certainly involved the entire world of work. It was the push towards the implementation of the largest remote working experiment on a global scale, never attempted before: smart working. The new way of work has entered our daily life and the companies that will adapt and innovate will be able to access previously unthinkable opportunities. But the evolution process requires a fundamental change of mindset: remote work has new rules, both from a managerial and organizational point of view and from the point of view of formal and informal communication. This book analyzes the Remote Effective, the only existing methodology for remote work that offers practical and concrete tools to make the organization effective and efficient. Once the highest possible level of effectiveness and efficiency has been reached, the control of where and when people work (rooted in the office first mentality) appears superfluous and outdated. In the Remote Effective, the system is result-oriented. In other words, one does not become efficient by working remotely, but, if one becomes efficient, one can then work remotely profitably. And freedom in time and space becomes the greatest benefit.


Luciano Noel Castro is an author, entrepreneur, consultant, and business angel specialized in the digital world. He was a CTO and CEO for market-leading multinational companies, leading the creation of some of the best-known and most widely used online products. He actively collaborates with Fortune500 companies and StartUps around the world to create innovative and disruptive products. He has been working remotely for over nine years and has founded, an industry leader which helps businesses find the best talents around the world. Founder of the Italian Product Management Association, he was selected by the Ministry of Digital Transformation to guide the cloud migration of all Italian local public administrations within the PNRR.


Remote Effective


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