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Pnrr, Castro (Head of mission 1.2): “First notice of 500 million for municipalities on the transition to cloud”

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Pnrr, a 500 million budget for 7904 municipalities with the aim of migrating the PA to the cloud


The first incoming notice for local authorities was announced to Adnkronos by Luciano Noel Castro, head of mission 1.2 of the Pnrr at the Department of Digital Transformation for the transition to the cloud of the PA. “Measure 1.2 – he explains – concerns Municipalities, schools, and ASL for a total of 16,464 entities involved. Today the first notice of 500 million euros will be published for the 7,904 Italian municipalities: it will allow all Italian municipalities to migrate their infrastructures and move them to the cloud, following the national strategy on cloud set by the Department of Digital Transformation“.


The goal is to complete the transfer within “21-27 months overall.” The focus of the measure – continues Castro – is to allow the migration of everything that is not yet in the cloud. We expect a substantial membership. “This first notice will close in July, then other notices will open for municipalities, followed by those for schools and local health authorities.”


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