Product Led Growth

Do you want more traction?

What is Product-Led Growth?

Product Led Growth is an end user-focused growth model that relies on the product itself as the primary driver of customer acquisition, conversion and expansion.

Do you have a great product but
you are struggling with Marketing, Sales and growth?

They are growing their companies around a great product, exactly like yours.
They didn’t try to create Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) with a fancy Marketing Agency or Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) with a strong Sales Team.

They had a great product.
Like you.

Sales vs Marketing vs Product Led

If your company is:

Sales Led

You will have high ACV, high touch and limited growth velocity.

Marketing Led

Lower ACV, high-med touch, scaling efficiency.

Product Led

Low touch/tech touch, maximum growth efficiency, competitive advantage, incremental ACV.

A Product is an advantage

You are ahead of your competitors if you have a product.

But do you have a machine that generates leads and converts them into happy clients increasing the ARR?

Because, sooner or later, your competitors will.

Don’t let them take that spot.

Product-Led Growth

Your journey, with Castro & Partners,
will start from optimizing your growth funnels, testing prices and models until finding new channels and untapped opportunities.

Five Stages Solution

Our solution works in 5 Stages:

Acquisition: starting from your target persona, reinforcing the USP and optimizing the funnel to get a conversion. You will make your clients fall in love with your Product.

Retention and Expansion: you’ve got them. You have the client, now it’s time to drive adoption, engagement, stem churn, and grow. More.

Business Development: New Markets, New Channels, New Opportunities. There is an untapped universe of opportunities in our connections and those that we can build together.

Pricing & Models: The best marketing for your product is your price. We’ll make sure, with you, that it fits your market and that we can expand without limits.

Talent Network: A lot to do, but so few resources to do it. Imagine having the right designer there for you. Or the best Sales Rep that you’ve always wanted. The right hire is the first step to success.


Why does a startup need product-led growth?

Why does a startup need product-led growth?

What does a product-led model look like?   Product-led growth is the future of go-to-market strategies. It implies growth directly connected to the value of the product. Synonyms for product-led growth include terms such as:  freemium,  free trial,  SaaS 2.0, ...

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What is a product-led growth?

What is a product-led growth?

What is a product-led growth? Product-led growth is a go-to-market strategy that relies on a product itself to drive acquisition, expansion and conversion of a business. In the contemporary business world, one of the most important things is to learn how to keep your...

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